Lena Dunham Claps Back at Critics, Joins American Horror Story

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Lena Dunham has taken a break from abandoning her dog in order to fire back at a handful of haters.

Without specifically referencing what she was responding to Dunham shared the following photo on Instagram last night...

Lena Dunham Fires Back

... and wrote the following as a caption:

It's only important to me that people know as they're busy tweeting bullshit about me I'm most often dressed in a latex suit and crystal crown working from home on imagining new worlds.

Dunham concluded her message with the hashtag "blessedbitch."

This is an interesting way to tell off critics.

The Girls creator is basically saying that you can yell and scream and insult her all you want on social media, but she's just gonna go about her successful and creative life as you waste your time doing so.

The actress often comes under fire from those who don't like her liberal viewpoint on life.

Or from those who don't like how often she takes off her clothes.

Lena Dunham Exposes a Shoulder

But Dunham always tries to have the final laugh in these situations.

Last month, for example, Dunham posed naked to flaunt her weight loss, just a short while after explaining why she can never win when it comes to the Internet.

"It's just so crazy because I spent six years of my career being called things like 'bag of milk,' 'baby cow,' 'aging cow.' I just never felt self-conscious about it," Dunham told Ellen DeGeneres, adding:

"I was like, 'Anyone who is going to take the time to say something negative about my weight on the internet isn't someone I was particularly keen to impress anyway.'

"Then I had this experience of my body changing.

"Suddenly I got all these people saying, 'You're a hypocrite. I thought you were body positive. I thought you were a person who embraced body types of all sizes.'"

In other words: when she's overweight, she hears about it. And when she loses weight, she hears about it.

What's a celebrity to do?

Lena Dunham Met Gala 2017

Change the conversation, perhaps.

In a surprising piece of casting news, Ryan Murphy confirmed on Wednesday that Dunham will join American Horror Story Season 7.

We don't know what role she'll take on just yet, but this will mark Dunham's first season as a member of the drama, which typically features the same actors and actresses playing different characters every year.

Season 7 is expected to center on the 2016 Presidential Election in some capacity.

lena murphy

We hear she'll only appear on one American Horror Story episode, but whatever. That's better than zero!

The Season 7 cast already boasts returning favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, plus newcomers Billy Eichner (Difficult People), Billie Lourd (Scream Queens), Laura Allen (Awake), Leslie Grossman (Popular) and Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf).

We can't wait.

In addition to writing Girls and starring in that HBO comedy, Dunham has guest-starred on Scandal and The Simpsons in recent years.

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