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Ashley Graham had previously dismissed the idea of a real, frontal nude shoot, casually ruling it out and crushing the hearts of countless admirers.

We have never been so happy to see someone change their mind.

We’re talking about a naked supermodel here, and she’s facing the camera, so if you’re ready to be hit in the face with some gorgeous nudity, look below.

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LOVE Magazine has done some of the most artsy, super weird photoshoots that we’ve ever seen.

For the past three years, for example, Kendall Jenner has participated in the magazine’s LOVE Advent series each December.

Kendall’s done things like posing with Cara Delevingne, but she’s also dressed in a shark costume and then stripped down to shower.

Like we said, super weird while nonetheless artsy.

So we can’t say that we’re surprised that the folks at LOVE are the ones who managed to get Ashley Graham to finally do some full frontal.

(And no, we don’t mean Samantha Bee’s excellent show)

Ashley Graham in Black and Pink

Ashley Graham had previously stated that she wasn’t going to show her nipples or bush.

And when Ashley Graham says that, we know that she literally means a pubic bush, as she’s part of a shrinking proportion of the population that prefers to keep their pubic hair.

That’s her choice because it’s her (beautiful) flesh prison, and it’s every bit as valid as choosing to go without.

(Or to just do some rigorous pube-scaping)

Ashley Graham’s always been proud of her body, slamming body-shamers who thought that her gorgeous figure didn’t fit their idea of what a "model" should look like.

We’ve even seen Ashley Graham naked before, but the camera angles and shadows ensured that there was no actual nudity.

(That is, the photos were Instagram-appropriate)

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LOVE Magazine doesn’t mind some of the things that makes Instagram’s staff clutch their pearls, scandalized.

For example, nipples.

Sorry — Instagram’s fine with nipples, so long as they’re on a man.

A woman’s nipples are somehow worse (or better?), to an "offensive" degree, so photos are often censored.

LOVE has been known to flaunt those rules when posting their pics to Instagram, even knowing that photos will be deleted.

(Just today, they posted a nude photo of the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski, showing both nipples and making it clear that Emily Ratajkowski does not sport a bush. Instagram, ever wary of the dreaded nip-nops, never appreciates that)

Ashley Graham’s beauty is intense, even when she’s fully dressed.

When she’s naked like this, her looks hit you like a hammer. In the best way.

(Dang, girl)

Okay, here you go — Ashley Graham’s beautiful, natural, naked self for LOVE Magazine.

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She’s so gorgeous.

What a gift she is, to us and to the whole world.

And good job to LOVE‘s photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, because this is some A+ photography.

Now we kind of can’t wait to see what LOVE is going to do for their LOVE Advent series this year.

We hope that it’s just bonkers.

And, ideally, more than a little sexy.