Farrah Abraham Sends Amber Portwood Cease and Desist Letter For Reasons Unknown

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The feud continues between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood, with the former revealing that she sent the latter a cease and desist letter.

To end her "defamatory" comments, she says.

Farrah Abraham Drama

Farrah said that the Teen Mom OG Season 7 reunion was “emotional,” but she’s still not on speaking terms with the other ladies after it.

“I do not share my stage,” she says, hilariously.

Echoing a familiar theme, she said Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, her controversial fiance, try to emulate and copy her all the time.

"I mean, I don’t give a s--t about either of them, and I’m sick of them trying to be like me. They’re obsessed with me,” Abraham claims.

"I sent them a cease and desist so they need to leave me out of their books, out of their interviews. I don’t want anything to do with them."

Calling them "just jealous or envious," she adds, "I’ve tried to be friends with them over the years, and I’m just not anymore."

Farrah Abraham for MTV

"And it’s just unhealthy,” she tells Us Weekly.

"I’m making healthier choices for my 26th.”

Farrah just turned 26, and no sooner did she celebrate that milestone than she learned Amber and Matt were fielding a sex tape offer.

Yes, an Amber Portwood sex tape is a thing that may be happening; Farrah had some harsh words when asked about this sexy possibility.

“They hope to follow in footsteps of mine, the envy of them wanting to be me never fails. I doubt doing a sex tape at 26 is the right direction."

"It’s sad how hard Amber tries to be me.”

A source close to Portwood and Baier initially said that the couple never received any cease and desist letter, but they later did get it.

Amber and Matt Baier on Teen Mom: OG

Farrah's legal representative wrote her Teen Mom OG co-star, requesting Portwood end communication and interaction with their client.

The letter demands she cease "false and defamatory statements" about Abraham in the media and cites physical harassment of Abraham.

That reference would be to the Teen Mom: OG reunion fight last year. Portwood personally responded to the report to E! News, saying:

"Not only am I unaware of any cease and desist being sent, it's also rather unnecessary," she said, insisting she hasn't read the thing.

"I have no interest in discussing Farrah or any dialogue with her or her legal team. I'd strongly prefer she keep my name out of her mouth."

Wouldn't we all prefer to be left out of any and all Farrah Abraham Word Salads ... alas, Portwood's request may fall upon deaf ears.

Amber Portwood Deals With Matt Baier

Abraham's ongoing feud with Portwood and her co-stars peaked last season during the aforementioned reunion and hasn't died down.

Fans saw Portwood take a swing at Abraham over comments made by Farrah's boyfriend Simon Saran, who called Matt Baier a "pedophile."

See the full footage of that insane melee above.

For his part, Baier didn't comment on the cease and desist, but did respond to her sex tape criticism - with some surprisingly kind words:

"It bums me out that Farrah would say negative things and come at us like that. Our issues with her have nothing to do with her tape."

"When she made her tape, MTV kicked her off the show. Amber and I were the only ones to support her and to this day we stand by that." 

"Despite our differences with Farrah ... our disagreements with Farrah have nothing to do with the decision she made to do an adult film."

"I can tell you it’s not an easy decision to make either way. There’s a semblance of respect there that she put herself out there like that."

"That’s the one thing we agree with Farrah on."

It may be the last, but hey, at least cooler heads are prevailing in one aspect of this Teen Mom tandem's tumultuous relationship.


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