Miranda Lambert & Anderson East: It's Over!

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Back in 2015 the Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert divorce was one of the biggest celebrity splits of the year.

But less than two years later, it already feels like ancient history.

Part of the reason for that is that Blake and Miranda both moved on with surprising speed.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert: 51st Academy of Country Music Awards

Blake, obviously started dating Gwen Stefani before the ink was dry on his divorce papers.

And Miranda got involved with Anderson East just a few weeks later.

Unfortunately, while Blake and Gwen appear to be headed for the altar, Miranda's rebound romance has gone quite as smoothly.

After weeks of rumors that they're on the outs, Miranderson appears to have declared an official cooling off period.

Yes, they're technically not broken up; they're just "on a break."

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert Pic

But you know how those situations tend to play out ...

The story comes to us from OK! magazine via an In Touch exclusive, and the tabloid claims that the break was Anderson's idea.

Apparently, he's been feeling pressure to propose to Miranda, but he simply doesn't think it's the right time to put a ring on it.

“He told her he wants to take a break,” a source tells In Touch.

The insider adds that Miranda is holding out hope ... but she also has her doubts:

Anderson East: Recording Session

“She really felt they were meant to be together. And they still may be — Anderson is only cooling things off,” the tipster says.

“But that doesn’t take away the sting for Miranda.”

The source adds:

“She really loves Anderson and thought they were doing so well…She believed she and Anderson connected on so many levels,”

Amazingly, this could be the rare case in which a couple takes a Ross-and-Rachel-esque break, but then actually works their issues out and gets back together.

Miranda Lambert Snuggles With Anderson East

It seems Anderson really does think Miranda is the one ... but he's just not ready to take the leap yet.

“He knew it was going to hurt her but he also knows they’re both just not ready for this,” says the source.

“He’s not counting out them getting back together or even marrying someday. He just couldn’t see them marrying now."

But apparently all Anderson's promises aren't doing much to soften the blow for Miranda:

“Miranda still feels like she’s been dumped by someone she loves so much," says the insider.

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