Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Sweet Photo of Daughter, Reflects on "God’s Grace"

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Jamie Lynn Spears is once again giving thanks to The Big Guy Upstairs.

For a very understandable reason.

The former actress, not to mention the sister of Britney Spears, lived every parents' worst nightmare a month ago.

Maddie Alridge and Niece

On Sunday, February 5, Jamie Lynn's eight-year old daughter, Maddie, flipped over her children's off-road vehicle after swerving on her family's property in order to avoid a drain.

The child ended up face-down in a pond, with neither Jamie Lynn nor husband Jamie Watson able to unfasten the little girl's seatbelt.

Thankfully, paramedics quickly arrived on the scene... freed Maddie from her restraints... and transported her to a local hospital.

Relatives soon asked the public for prayers, as Maddie was placed in critical condition and fought for her life.

Just a few days after the frightening incident, Maddie went home and Jamie Lynn was finally able to exhale.

"Thanks to the amazing first responders, and medical teams at University and Children's Hospital in New Orleans, LA, we are headed home with our baby girl as she continues to recover," wrote Watson at the time, adding:

"Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Thank you again to everyone."

Yesterday, meanwhile, marked one month since Maddie's scary accident ...

... and Jamie Lynn celebrated the occasion by sharing two new photos of her daughter (above and below), along with a very sweet message.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Daughter, Mom

"A month ago, at this time, I was living a mothers/anyones worst nightmare happening right infront of my eyes, helplessly.," wrote Spears as a caption to the picture above.

It features Maddie holding her little cousin aloft.

"Fastforward- Today, we were able to celebrate the baptism of our sweet Kylie Blair," continued Spears, adding:

"I'm not one to preach, but we were shown God's grace, and we still feel undeserving of His mercy. I'll never stop thanking each of you for your prayers, because we recognize the miracle it created.

"We are beyond blessed, and we will NEVER forget y'all, and God's unbelievable mercy."

Jamie Lynn had previously shared a video of her daughter at basketball practice, using the hashtag "Godisgood" in her description of the following footage:

She used that same hashtag for the second picture above, which was snapped on Ash Wednesday and which features herself, Maddie and her mother.

Last week, Spears revealed on social media that her daughter had “fully recovered” and “returned to her normal activities," writing in full:

So blessed to say that my daughter has fully recovered, and returned to all her normal activities Which means I had to as well, today is my first day back to work. I want to thank everyone again for all their prayers...

God truly blessed us with a miracle.. love y'all.

We're so very glad to hear it.

We truly can't imagine what Jamie Lynn and her family went through during this ordeal.

Jamie Watson, Maddie and Jamie Lynn Spears

So here's to Jamie Lynn, Jamie, Maddie, Britney and everyone else!

May you continue to be blessed and may Maddie continue to shine!

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