Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Is Abby Lee Miller Ready for Nationals?

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There's always that one person who manages to put a negative spin on something positive. For Dance Moms fans, that person is Abby Lee Miller and pretty much all of the ALDC is getting tired of her. 

When Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 9 got underway, the gals of the ALDC were celebrating their most recent win, but Abby was busy picking out the flaws in the performances. 

She felt Camryn and Kendall were good enough at the group performance, so they got off without having Abby trashing them. 

Abby told the girls they would be attending Dream Dance Competition and Abby handed solos to Lilliana and Brynn both got a solo, while the other girls would play sister wives in the group number. 

All of the mothers were shocked to learn that the kids would be sharing the same husband in the performance, but ALM does not give a damn what others think. 

The mothers seemed even more annoyed when a new dancer, Jane, showed up with her mother, Nancy. Abby paired her up against Brynn to find out just how well the girl could dance. 

Abby Lee Miller in Studio

As the moms sat on the sidelines, rehearsals got underway, but Abby felt that Maesi did not fit into the performance and decided it would be best to remove her. 

However, Jamie leapt to her daughter's defense, but it fell on deaf ears. The worst thing anybody can do is try to imply they know better than ALM. 

We all know just how annoyed she can get with people. That's sort of what she does. 

Abby was so desperate for Jane to fit in that she was getting close to making changes to the competition to give the kid some more prominence, but Nancy said that her daughter could dance better than Brynn. 

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms Looking Intense Photo

I mean, Nancy and Jane were just in the door a few minutes and they got ready to cause trouble pretty much off the bat. Brynn's mother took offense and started arguing with Nancy. 

Abby then decided to give Maesi a solo because she impressed her during early rehearsals. Her performance would be a hip-hop number. 

However, that's the type of performance that cost Abby a win a few weeks ago, so it should be intriguing to find out how this one plays out. 

There was a lot of drama early on because Maesi forgot her routine, but Jamie claimed that her daughter was yet to eat for the day and that's part of the reason. 

Abby Lee Miller is the Worst

With Jamie crying, Abby looked on in horror. Was she about to take the solo back?

The performances all went without a hitch and Abby was smiling from ear-to-ear throughout.

At the awards, Maesi, surprisingly, managed to beat out Brynn. The ALDC came in first place for the group number, but Abby decided that Jane did not make the cut for the team. 

Her reason?

Jane did not do anything better than any of the other ladies, so her place was taken away. We are getting so close to nations now and Abby wants the best team she can have. 

What did you think of all the drama? 

Was Abby right to get rid of Jane?

Hit the comments!

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