Chelsea Houska: Wedding and Pregnancy Plans Revealed!

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It's been several months since we first learned that Chelsea Houska is engaged to Cole DeBoer, but the couple has remained mum about the details of their forthcoming nuptials.

Fortunately for obsessed fans, this is the Internet age, where there are no secrets! Muahaha!

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska

Last month, there were reports that Chelsea and Cole were already married

Those rumors were quickly debunked, but don't worry - accurate information about the wedding quickly followed, because the Internet is an always creepy, occasionally terrifying place.

We soon learned that Chelsea and Cole are getting married in October, not far from where her she and her family live in South Dakota.

Now we know the exact date thanks to Chelsea's dad, who probably just said, "Screw it, psycho fans are gonna find out anyway."

"She will be getting married this fall and I’m sure she’ll jump on that procedure pretty quick," he said during a recent podcast interview.

(Because in 2016, South Dakota dentists get interviewed on podcasts if they're daughters get pregnant young enough.)

He went on to confirm that October 1 is the big day, just in case there are any Teen Mom 2 obsessives who haven't booked their flights year.

Papa Housk has been asked several times lately if his daughter and Cole are already expecting, and he's hinted that that will probably happen soon after they tie the knot.

Chelsea confirmed the news in a recent interview with OK! magazine:

"Well obviously we want to get married first, but baby fever is very real,” she told the tabloid.

“We definitely want to have kids."

Just don't go telling everyone the exact due date and the hospital where you want to deliver.

You might find yourself receiving more encouragement than you'd like.

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