Porsha Williams: Did She Sleep with Cynthia Bailey’s Husband?!?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunited this week, airing many an endless number of grievances in front of Andy Cohen and the Bravo cameras.

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But the network may want to air another special in the near future that focuses on what may be the greatest grievance of them all:

Did Porsha Williams really sleep with Peter Thomas, the husband of co-star Cynthia Bailey?!?

Those who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online or on television each week are well aware that Thomas and Bailey are struggling in their marriage.

The former has even said that being on a reality TV program has negatively affected their relationship, which is a true shocker to hear. (NOT!)

However, a report on Crazy Days And Nights, alleges that Thomas hooked up with Williams at some point in the recent past... which would REALLY have a negative impact on his relationship with Bailey.

Is it true? Could the biggest scandal in Real Housewives history be brewing?

Not according to Radar Online.

“It’s not true,” one insider source tells Radar of the alleged Thomas-Porsha affair, while another adds: "I highly doubt that it’s true."

Hilariously, this second source does not shoot down the rumor because such an unethical banging is beneath Porsha.

Instead, the anonymous mole explains that Peter is "not her type" because "she likes them young and muscular. Famous if possible and someone who has money. Peter doesn’t have any of this.”

Ouch. Talk about a double diss.

Still, despite this chatter being shot down, Bailey's marriage remains in trouble.

“Marriage is hard,” she told OK Magazine in February. “I think it’s definitely difficult when it’s long distance relationship, and at this point, it is a long distance relationship.”

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