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I like this toddler.  She gets me.  

North West's Airport Ride

Kim Kardashian recently joined Snapchat, but that doesn’t mean her daughter, North West has to be on board with all of mom’s decisions.

Kardashian attempted to take a snap with West, who was not amused.

"Not a snapchat fan," Kardashian wrote on the picture, which featured a toddler not into whatever mom was doing.

North West Hates Snapchat

"Scary filters."

West isn’t super-into having her photo taken, as shown in a previous Instagram video from February 16th."

"No pictures!" West declared as she slid off a couch in her Uggs, much to the delight of Kendall Jenner (who was wearing an odd sweatshirt maxi dress)

I can imagine a conversation ten to fifteen years down the road involving social media and how it physically destroyed humanity:

Kim:  "The doctor can’t treat my hunchback because the hospital imploded.  He said it had something to do with ‘radiation’ from my 4 phones."

North: "Mom, you need to try to correct your posture yourself, and maybe don’t hover over your phone.  Your [social media] crown is sliding off the back of your head."

Kim: "Fix it for me, doll?  It’s made from the iPhone 2000S and they ceased production when the radiation started melting heads."

North whacks the crown off her mother’s head 

Our future rests in the hands of North West.