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In February of 2015, it was widely reported that actor Val Kilmer’s life may be in danger due to his refusal to seek treatment for a rapidly growing tumor in his throat.

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Several months later, Kilmer was hospitalized and rumored to be near death. 

The actor pulled through, though he’s reportedly lost the ability to speak.

In recent weeks Kilmer has been wearing a traheostomy tube and waiting to undergo a risky procedure to remove the tumor. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that the 56-year-old received his first good news in a long time this week when doctors informed him that the surgery appears to have been a complete success.

“Val is telling friends that doctors believe they’ve gotten it,” says one insider, who adds that Kilmer "speaks in a whisper and can’t really talk."

“Val’s whole mouth is wired up and he has a small whitish square on his throat near his Adam’s apple where the surgery was," says another source.

Despite that, the second insider says that Kilmer "actually looks pretty good — sturdy and not particularly frail.”

Kilmer has reportedly been receiving round-the-clock support from his family and friends.

Letters of support from the screen legend’s many fans have been pouring in, and Kilmer reportedly plans to address fans once he is through recuperating. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.