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Actor Val Kilmer was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery over the weekend as a result of severe bleeding caused by a tumor in his throat.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Kilmer has been ignoring his potentially deadly condition since the summer as a result of his religious beliefs.

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Kilmer is a member of the Church of Christian Science, which teaches that health problems are healed by prayer, not medical treatment.

The acclaimed actor was apparently so adamant in his conviction that his faith would save him that family and friends who suggested he go to a doctor were instantly cut out of his life.

The Tombstone star’s health has been the subject of much scrutiny from the press in recent years. Kilmer’s weight gain in the early 2000s was followed by a sudden drop in pounds that many took as an indication of a medical affliction.

Over the past few months, Kilmer took to wearing a scarf in public, reportedly to conceal the swelling in his neck.

Those closest to the actor are said to be encouraged by the fact that Kilmer has finally acknowledged the need for medical treatment.

He is currently said to be in stable condition, but his recovery could be a extremely difficult one.