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Back in October, we reported that Val Kilmer had been hospitalized after undergoing an emergency procedure that may have saved his life.

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Reps for Kilmer assured fans that there’s no cause for concern, but sources close to the acclaimed actor have maintained that his religious beliefs nearly cost him his life.

Several insiders claim Kilmer nearly died after refusing to seek treatment for a "grapefruit-sized" tumor in his throat. 

As a practicing Christian Scientist, he reportedly believed that the ailment could be treated with prayer, meditation and positive thinking.

However, it seems that while the emergency surgery may have saved Kilmer’s life, it also left the actor unable to speak and permanently dependent upon a breathing apparatus.

According to Radar Online, Kilmer was spotted with a tracheostomy tube while shopping at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles today.

The device is the result of a tracheotomy procedure, which usually leaves the patient unable to speak on his own.

Kilmer may be able to express himself verbally using an electronic speech-synthesis device.

Reps actor are still refusing to respond to questions about his health, but it now seems that their initial claims that his tumor was benign were inaccurate.

Kilmer himself has only addressed the issue once, writing on Facebook that the rumors that he is "unwell" are "totally untrue."