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Total Divas Season 5 Episode 1 featured a love triangle and some potentially messy developments between several WWE fixtures.

Watch Total Divas Season 5 Episode 1 Online
Watch Total Divas Season 5 Episode 1 Online

On Total Divas Season 5 Episode 1, Nikki wondered whether or not she ought to tell BF John Cena about her ex-boyfriend’s advances. 

She slapped Dolph Ziggler when he tried to kiss her, don’t get us wrong, but still, we can’t even believe he came onto like that.

Brie Bella, meanwhile, invited Daniel Bryan to join latest business venture, since he’s taking a break from the wrestling ring.

Much as she feels that her new project, Experience Local, is a perfect fit for him, he still wants to experience … pro wrestling.

Then there’s Paige, who blindsided Nikki during a day off to trying to "resolve the tension" (a.k.a. stir it up) between Nikki and Dolph.

When Brie tries to push Daniel again to get involved in her business, he tells her focusing on wrestling is his dream and his passion.

Paige then tells Kevin she doesn’t want to get married … not that she wants to break up, she just isn’t ready for a wedding. Yet.

Finally, Nikki tells John about the situation with Dolph, and she doesn’t mince words about exactly how far he tried to take things:

"Dolph pulled me aside at work and told me that he wants to give me marriage and babies, and then he tried to kiss me," she reveals.

His reaction? "I love you. You know I love you."

"You know I treat you like a grown woman and if you feel that there’s a connection there, and you want to pursue it, I can’t stop you."

"I’d be so stupid for trying to."

She says she wishes he were angrier, but he’s anything but, raising a glass instead for a toast to the fact that she’s still got it.

Yeah. Didn’t see that coming either. Check out the above video to watch Total Divas online and see it for yourself now!