Insta-Feud! 50 Cent to Meek Mill: "You Made a Big Mistake Sh*thead"

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Holy crap, this is getting UGLY.

It's been one week since Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham exchanged blows on Twitter, and now Nicki's boyfriend Meek Mill is embroiled in a high-stakes feud on Instagram with fellow rapper 50 Cent.

Yesterday, Meek dropped a four-song EP that featured a diss track in which he hurled some not-so-favorable shots toward Fifty.

Obviously, Fifty heard it, because he unleashed a barrage of nasty Instagram posts directed at Meek, beginning with an amalgam of Meek's face merged with the poop emoji.

50 Cent Instagram post - poop emoji merged with Meek Mill's face

"LMAO Hey shit head, your career is over better focus on getting Nikki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl," read the caption.

Meek responded with an Instagram post of his own that included a photo of himself carrying piles of cash, plus a 275-word rant going OFF on Fifty, calling him miserable, broke and friendless among other things. 

Meek Mill carries piles of cash

"U pop shit on social media 24/7 ... U never in the places everybody b at.... The whole queens say you a rat.... Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick .... Ross finished you "career over? How dare you speak on that? .... All you artist that came under you broke" ya son hate you smfh! Ya swag on below "0" lol hold up..... U always hating on puff and Hov other go getters from ya city...... U going broke and you miserable .... U really miserable bro...."

He goes on and on, which you can read for yourself on Instagram if you're so inclined.

Fifty went on to upload EIGHT MORE Instagram posts dissing his rival, which included memes, a pic of Meek crying and a doctored video that depicted Fifty smacking Meek in the head.

50 Cent meme of Meek Mill posted to Instagram

"LMAO, you made a big mistake Shit Head," read one of Fifty's captions. 

UM. What does that mean? What that a threat? WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

Not gonna lie, this makes me a little uncomfortable.

Meek's last move was to post an old pic of the two rappers smiling together along with the caption, "Say less... just watch these characters!"

50 Cent and Meek Mill

We'll definitely be watching.

I'll admit it's entertaining as all get out, but I sincerely hope these two keep their blows limited to the verbal variety.

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