Kylie Jenner: Tyga Sucks in Bed! More Like a "Tired Koala" Amiright!?

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Kylie Jenner has a major problem with Tyga, but amazingly, this report says that cruel texts and hollering at underage girls are not it.

Dude is flat-out terrible in the sack!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Kissing

For a rapper who likens himself to a tiger and brags about "Stimulating" his young lover, he's doing a pretty underwhelming job of it.

Tyga's sexual prowess is so unimpressive, Kylie has been venting to her sisters about the disappointment she feels, says an insider.

Hey, what are siblings for?

Yes, Kylie may be just 18 but she knows what she wants, and that would be for her man to go hard and roar, if you will, in the bedroom.

When he's on stage in concert, his energy is off the charts, but at home “he’s more of a tired koala in bed than he is a young Tyga."

The source says this even led to the couple's recent split, which is among the funnier theories we've read on that particular topic:

"Kylie would never have kicked Tyga out and asked for space if the sex were bomb and he was laying it down properly in bed."

Definitely not acceptable, T-Raww. Go ahead and send cruel texts about her lip kit, but you gotta knock it out where it counts.

"Had he done that job right, he’d still be under her roof," the source goes on, but cautions that this is not the end of the duo's romance.

They are still together, for now, but "Kylie’s cut the umbilical that connected she and Tyga at the hip and is loving her freedom."

"She’s not stressing over Tyga much these days. She’s got a lot of people telling her she’s the prize and can do so much better."

In recent weeks, "she’s starting to listen and really is believing the hype ... Kylie’s throwing up deuces and living her life.”

NOTE: We have no idea what that means, and the source (thankfully, or sadly) did not explain exactly how Tyga falls short in bed.

Keep your eye on this story, though, because the list of things Kylie could possibly be with this guy is growing shorter by the day.

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