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Selena Gomez is everywhere these days.

In promotion of her upcoming album, due out on October 9, Gomez recently released the cover art for "Revival." And she’s naked on it!

Selena Gomez for Wonderland

Then, Gomez sat down with Ryan Seacrest and explained, among other issues, her motivation for stripping down.

From there, it was off to the cover of Elle UK, where Selena have an interview in which she admitted there could be a romantic future for her and Justin Bieber.

Now, the ex-Disney darling is the cover girl for Wonderland magazine’s 10th anniversary issue.

Speaking to the publication about her next studio album, Selena says:

"It’s a very specific album, especially because it’s a new chapter for me. It’s under a new label, and it’s the first time I’m stepping in and really getting behind every person I’m working with."

What else is different about this CD compared to past CDs?

"I’m working with people that are challenging me intellectually, emotionally and physically. And with music…I feel so free."

Finally, Selena was asked about sex appeal. But she didn’t cite a specific outfit in which she thinks she looks her best. She said the entire concept of sexiness rests in one’s head.

"Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy," she explains. "In the ["Good for You"] video, I was in a white T-shirt with my hair wet, and I think that makes me feel beautiful."

It’s true, for the women and for the men out there: it’s all about confidence, people!