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Are Bachelor in Paradise stars Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey, who have been causing so much controversy on the show, getting married?

Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen

Last night on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Episode 6, Joe shocked viewers by admitting he was playing Juelia just to stay on the show.

That’s all part of the game, to a point, on this reality series, but he was doing this with the specific goal of waiting for Samantha to arrive.

Something he theoretically would have no way of predicting.

Not long after securing a rose from Juelia, Joe Bailey kicked her to the curb and proceeded to make out in the hot tub with Samantha.

Then Samantha was caught on video lying about the nature of their romance and whether they had been in contact prior to the show.

Now comes a bizarre tweet to fans that has everyone wondering if she and Joe Bailey are still together – and getting married. She writes:

Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Episode 6 Online
Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Episode 6 Online

“I saw Joe w Kait, He text me I took the bait. His goal to make me a mate. I saw #BIP episode 2 too late. Wedding cake? Or Mistake? #bachelor.”

Hmm. Perhaps she just needed a word that rhymed with “mistake” for that cryptic prose? Either way, something is definitely up here.

Joe, meanwhile, has cautioned that there are two sides to every story, implying he is being edited in an unflattering way to stir up drama.

It sure looks like be deliberately used and played the sweetest girl ever just to have a shot with Samantha Steffen in Paradise, though.

In a twisted way, that’s gotta be flattering for Sam, no?

Only time will tell if they are still together, or in the more immediate term, whether he gets his ass kicked by JJ on Sunday’s episode.