Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Revenge Edition

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Revenge was the theme of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 13.

The latest installment of the VH1 reality program featured Stevie trying to get back at Nikko Smith, and he wasn't alone in the payback department.

Karlie and Sina hoped to even the score with Khadiyah, who has been a thorn in their side for several episodes. Were they successful, however?

Read our detailed recap below to find out all that and more ...

If you watch ​Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you'll see that Karlie has a boyfriend, Lyfe Jennings. But you will not see Lyfe personally.

He doesn't want to be on VH1, apparently. That's good for his character, but bad for Karlie's chances of being on the air a lot, so ...

What's a girl to do but team up with Sina and f--k with Yung Joc’s relationship with Khadiyah! Hey, you do what you gotta do, right?

Khadiyah, not so affectionately known as Miss Piggy, found herself ambushed by these two adversaries at a party she attended.

“Karlie put together the invite list,” Khadiyah said. “I could turn and walk out the door or face these two tricks and really get this party popping.”

She chose the latter. Security had to break it up.

Whilst this was going on, Stevie J - co-owner of Scrilla Guerilla magazine - has his co-owner ask Nikko‘s wife Margeaux to do a photo shoot.

She had no idea he was the puppet master here.

Stevie's stated goal is to "make some bread off the woman in his life," adding that “she’s a pawn in my war against Freako (Nikko.)”

Margeaux opined that "this is some shady business practice,” and she was right, even if it didn't end in violence like Karlie's storyline.

No reality TV revenge plot is perfect.

Elsewhere, Kalenna Harper pissed off Rasheeda and kept spiraling out of control, nearly ending up in a melee with Tammy Rivera.

You need to watch it yourself to truly appreciate what they were fighting about and why ... so you can tell us, because we have no clue.

There was this gem of a line, however: “You can kiss my a--,” Kalenna said. “No. Put your legs between your own a-- and kiss that.”

Bam. You got served!

On the bright side, Lil Scrappy and Erica put aside child support issues for their daughter's birthday, and he made peace with Stevie too.


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