Ben Affleck: Moving Out on Jennifer Garner?

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After months of rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are headed for divorce, moving vans were spotted outside of the couple's Pacific Palisades home over the weekend.

As usual, the intensely guarded actors are doing their best to keep the their private life private, but sources confirm that the future of Bennifer is iffy at best.

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The couple covers the new issue of Us Weekly, and the tabloid claims to have the inside scoop on what could be the final days of Ben and Jen's marriage.

“He’s tough to be married to because he’s a workaholic," says one source. "They speak in short, direct sentences to each other. They can be passive aggressive and dismissive. The only things they talk about are the kids’ schedules or their own schedules.

“He likes hanging out with the guys, he likes having a beer and he likes to play some card games… Jen would like it if he never did these things, but that’s who he is...In their dynamic, Jen is the dominating force, which is hard for Ben to deal with."

The insider adds that Ben and Jen have thus far managed to hide their troubles from their kids.

“The kids don’t know anything,” says the source. "Splitting up is Jennifer’s worst nightmare for the children. Her biggest desire has always been to keep the family together."

A different source tells People magazine that there's no truth to the rumors that Ben is living in hotels and barely communicating with his wife.

This insider (allegedly a friend of Jen's) says that the movers that visited Affleck and Garner's home on Satruday were there to remove furniture from the house in preparation for a remodeling project.

Obviously, that's an entirely plausible possibility, but given the recent rumors about Affleck and Garner living separate lives, the timing is more than a little suspicious.

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