Weight Loss Helps Reddit User Beat Depression: See the Amazing Pics

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Recently, celebrities having been using their weight for publicity inspiration. For example, Kourtney Kardashian posted her weight loss thinspiration on Instagram.

But us regular folks are inspirational too (more inspirational than the Kardashians, for sure).

Aliesha Peterson Weight Loss Pic

A 22-year-old Canadian woman, through a proper diet and exercise, has undergone a major transformation.  And she is sharing her photos and story on Reddit to motivate others.

While dealing with long-term depression, Aliesha Peterson’s therapist suggested she go to the gym.

"I couldn't see how that would ever help me – looking in the mirror and not knowing what you're doing, and feeling like everybody's judging you," she says.

"It took me three months to start not hating it completely, and then six months to start changing my diet because I was sick of working at the gym and not getting any results." 

Like many on a weight loss journey, Peterson says changing her diet was the hardest part of her transformation.

She was used to eating fast food and junk for most meals:

Aliesha Peterson Flex Pic

"One time I ate Pop Tarts and root beer for dinner. My diet was just terrible."

"You don't realize all of the crap you're putting into your body is making you feel worse and worse, because it's the short-term gratification rather than delayed gratification.”

She adds, “It was amazing the difference that just eating better made." 

Peterson, who is 5-foot-7 dropped from 145 lbs. to 127 lbs. in 20 months. She accredits working out five times week and eating healthy whole foods.  

Her transformation has been more than just physical. "I'm a lot happier than I was," she says. 

She continues, ”I used to pretty much go to work, get home and get in bed and eat and watch TV, and now I actually do things."

"I still feel [my depression] trying to grab me, but instead of caving into that, I will go to the gym or I'll go to the dog park or I'll go out with friends and try and fight it." 

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