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Earlier this week, as viewed by all who watch The Bachelorette online, Kaitlyn Bristowe was voted the ongoing star of Season 11, defeating Britt Nilsson as part of the show’s latest twist.

Soon after, ABC aired a preview of the action to come on The Bachelorette this spring and summer, highlighted by Bristowe admitting she slept with one of her suitors.

Prior to entering the Fantasy Suite no less!

For shame, right?!?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Greets Tony

Actually… right, according to the way the trailer was set up, as many Internet users called out producers for seeming to slut shaming Kaitlyn in the promo.

Fortunately, at the premiere party for Lifetime’s UnReal last night, many Bachelor alums rushed to Bristowe’s defense.

"Minus maybe Sean and maybe another Bachelor or two, I think they all have sex," AshLee Frazier told Us, referring to born again virgin Sean Lowe.

“I don’t know why they don’t talk about it. People have sex."

"It’s a natural thing. Why is it so faux pas?”

Frazier added that it isn’t fair for anyone to criticize Bristowe, and frankly, we agree, as we doubt any Bachelor would be scrutinized for the same.

Courtney Robertson, who famously enjoyed a steamy ocean tryst with Bachelor Ben Flajnik, and reverse cowgirled him in the Fantasy Suite, agrees.

"I’m like, ‘you go girl!’” Robertson said of Bristowe.

“If I was dating somebody for two months and might get engaged to him and you are in the moment… I give it to her for going after it and indulging a little bit."

Another one-time Bachelor contestant, Erica Rose, who made a return to the franchise on Bachelor Pad in recent years, concurs as well.

"I think people just shouldn’t be such prudes, honestly," Erica said.

"People have sex before they’re married. Like, everyone does it."