The Walking Dead Return Art: Who Will the World Need?

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Rick Grimes and company will soon be on the road again.

Following the tragic events of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8, along with possibly losing a cure in DC, our hero and his band of survivors will find themselves wandering the dangerous world again in just a couple weeks.

The Walking Dead Key Art

According to the official AMC synopsis for The Walking Dead's return on February 8, many in the group will nearly hit their breaking point

They'll be stripped of security. They'll be without a direction for the future. And some will find themselves hardened... and... cold and just trying to grasp onto what little they have left.

Sounds like they'll need Rick Grimes, doesn't it?

Yes, based on the first official poster for the show's first episode back.

Check it out above and then follow the prompts of the videos below to watch The Walking Dead online:

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