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We all know that Scott Disick loves booze, but is alcohol more important to him than his own family?

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, Scott has chosen a life a partying over being there for his children and longtime companion, Kourtney Kardashian.

The tabloid claims Disick has informed Kourtney that he’s planning to move out. The decision comes as quite a shock, as just about everyone who knows the couple expected Kourtney to kick Scott out months ago. 

The Hollywood Gossip

In fact, sources say Kourtney has turned to family and friends for advice on how to fix her shattered relationships, but most of their responses have been along the lines of “good riddance.”

“Scott has told Kourtney that he’s moving out,” says one insider. “Everyone on the outside says she has to leave him.”

Scott went on a bender in Aspen about a month after Kourtney gave birth to his third child.

After being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and bailing on rehab over the summer, Scott is reportedly back to partying harder than ever.

Sources say Kourtney would love to bail on her boozy baby daddy, but is struggling to make things work for the sake of her kids, specifically her first born:

“It’s very hard because Mason is obsessed with his dad and it would tear them – and the whole family – apart,” says the insider.

But despite Kourtney’s pleas to think of the children, Scott reportedly just can’t tear himself away from the nightlife:

“Kourt gave birth a month ago and he’s already back to doing club appearances and binge drinking,” the source claims. “It’s not normal.”