Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Virgin Territory

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Rafael learned why this CW show has its unusual title on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 8: Yes, Jane is a virgin.

This came as startling news to the not-so-former playboy, who learned about it over dinner.

Prior to discovering what sort of territory he was in with Jane (read: virgin), Rafael returned from Mexico City after we learned that he was fired for putting the hotel as risk by using his shares as collateral for Luisa’s medical malpractice insurance.

He returned to Miami after being unable to track down his sister.

But he then heads to a court for a pre-trial motion and, hey, there’s Luisa! She strides in donning a sundress and looking pretty relaxed following a spiritual quest in Peru.

With his siblings back, Raf’s dad also gives him his job back… as long as he reports to Lachlan. Who has hired Petra, meaning Raf is basically working for his ex.

This is what Rafael is talking about at dinner when Jane breaks the sex news to him. He responds by going to the bar… meeting a blonde there… and ending up in bed with her. Sheesh! Jane even discovers them there the next day when bringing a mimosa to their room.

You should watch Jane the Virgin online to see the heartbreak on Jane's face when she does.

As for Xo? She dumps her sexy soccer player due to a lack of spark and learns from the music producer that Rogelio made him give her a chance.

Luisa, meanwhile, is still in love with Rose, but Rose stages a fake intervention and an angry Luisa ends up chocking her. And being sent to a psychiatric hospital as a result!

Later, the girl who bedded Rafael admits to Jane that she was paid to drug Rafael and sleep with him. But who did the online paying?!?

Despite believing the story and believing that Rafael didn't cheat on her purposely, Jane is hesitant to rekindle their romance. But Rafael ends the episode at his most romantic.

"I’m going to fight for you, too. Jane, this is hard," he says. "I’ve been doing everything backwards. We’re having a baby and then we’re going on our first date. But I want to be with you, and I’m not giving up."

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