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It was a big year for celebrity weddings. 

2014 saw the formation of a volatile new A-list power couple, and gave us two of the world’s most famous divorcees taking the plunge for the second time.

The Kim and Kanye wedding may have been the glitziest affair, but it was a pair of Ocean’s 11 co-stars who caused the most tears to fall.

Brad Pitt married Angelina Jolie in a small ceremony in France. Months later his BFF George Clooney wed Amal Alamuddin in Italy. 

It may seem like there’s some connection there, but Brad and George claim they were simply struck by Cupid’s arrow around the same time.

Or, more accurately, Brad fell in love like a decade ago and decided to make it official after a few dozen kids, whereas George realized the clock’s ticking on his political career and he better dispense with man-whoring ASAP.

But we digress. We’re talking about the celebs who got married in the past 12 months, and while Kimye, Brangelina, and Amalooney may have dominated the headlines, they certainly weren’t the only stars to say “I do.”

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting kicked off the year with a New Year’s Day ceremony after just six months of dating.

Two of the Duggar girls got hitched, which means the population of Arkansas is about to triple in size.

And, of course, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson began a marriage that has thankfully not yet resulted in a reality show. We’re hoping Jess learned her lesson the first time around.

Jump into the gallery above to relive the year in celebrity weddings.