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Ready to feel really, really, really old, Titanic fans?

Okay, here we go: Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 years old today.

Yes, the teen idol we all had posters of our bedroom wall after his star-making turn in the aforementioned James Cameron blockbuster has now reached the big 4-0.

DiCaprio got his start on Growing Pains and was nominated for an Oscar his role as an autistic boy in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, years before he even boarded the Titanic.

The very handsome star has been nominated for five Academy Awards overall and is easily one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

He’s also one of the most talented.

Coming off The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio will next be seen in The Revenant, a 2015 release set in the 1820s.

He dated Blake Lively in 2011 and values his privacy, though photos of DiCaprio and his latest model du jour do pop up every now and then.

They are typically frolicking on the beach or relaxing on a yacht somewhere, meaning Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t really need anything for his birthday. He’s already got it all!

Send in your very best wishes to this star now.