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Gwen, Pharrell, Adam and Blake were back at it for another evening of spaceship-chair-turning insanity on The Voice Season 7 Episode 4 Tuesday night.

What contestants impressed them enough to land a spot on one of their rosters in this season’s fourth Blind Auditions love-fest? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Toia Jones, with a powerful rendition of “One and Only,” landed on Team Pharrell, and her tone, talent and personality could make her one of the season’s gems.

Somehow, this girl was only a two-chair turn, but watch out for this one.

Chris Jamison, whose take on John Mayer’s “Gravity” earned him a spot on Team Adam despite Levine’s comment that Chris did too much with his voice, was impressive.

He’s got a great back story and good looks to go along with talent, too.

Amanda Lee Peers’ spin on “Put the Gun Down” won her a shirt from Team Gwen, who was surprisingly the only person to turn around. But it only takes that many.


Jonathan Wyndham impressed Adam with his performance of “Say Something” and deservedly so. When you can take on an overplayed ballad like this and turn four chairs? Wow.

Craig Wayne Boyd sang “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” but plenty was working’ about his delivery, which carried a power and authenticity that made him an instant fit with Blake.

Ethan Butler brought a refreshing and unique tone to the song “Beneath Your Beautiful” that some might not be a big fan of, but Adam Levine was, signing him up.

Tanner Linford won a position on Team Blake’s Season 7 roster with "When You Say Nothing at All," making up for his rejection on Season 6 and making it through.

Katriz Trinidad, a 15-year-old, singing “At Last” was a bit ironic, but all four judges were quite impressed with what they heard, and Pharrell eventually won out.

Jean Kelly got her Team Gwen shirt for a strong performance of “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, and a spot-on cover was enough to get this singer through.

Who do you think was the best on The Voice Season 7 Episode 4? Was it better than Episode 3 (below)? Which coach has the best team so far?