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How To Get Away with Murder wasted a couple solid guest stars this week.

Ana Ortiz portrayed a seemingly innocent suburban mom who had been living under an assumed named for two decades after skipping bail on a felony murder charge.

Jason Gedrick played the leader of an anti-globalization group who turned on Ortiz’s character and… honestly, this isn’t even worth recapping. The Case of the Week seemed to only be relevant as a parallel to Annalise’s life.

“Choose your husband carefully,” she eventually told Michaela, based on the tale of their client during the hour. “You only have yourself to blame if it ends badly.”

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And that brings us to Sam, of course.


We learn that Rebecca was in Keating’s office – along with the core four – on the night of Sam’s death. We also learned that Michaela lost her engagement ring at some point between burning Sam’s body and going back to the van.

(Oh, we ALSO learn that Michaela’s fiancé Aiden had sex with Connor back when they attended an all-boys boarding school. Naturally.)

Despite taunts from Connor, Michaela still plans to get married in a Vera Wang dress… have one child… hire a cook and a nanny… and conquer the world as Aiden’s wife.

Wes, meanwhile, impersonates a lawyer to sneak into prison and visit his neighbor Rebecca, who does not want his help.

Later, Wes answers a call on the phone Rebecca had hidden in his bathroom floor and discovers it’s actually Lila’s phone – and the person on the other end appears to be looking to buy some drugs.

Back to Annalise Keating: the school wants her to take on the case of quarterback Griffin. Will she defend Lila’s boyfriend?

Maybe. First, Annalise muster determine whether her husband committed the murder.

She also must consider Griffin’s alibi, which is that his DNA was under Lila’s nails because she caught him getting it on with Rebecca at his frat after she delivered some cocaine tot he boys.

Annalise takes Rebecca’s case and tells her students she’s banning "further discussion on Lila Stangard murder."

However, she then arrives at the police station to be told Rebecca has already confessed to Lila’s murder and we’ve “got it all on tape, too,” smiles a self-satisfied detective.

Can’t say we saw that coming. But we can say we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Check out the official teaser below for How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 4 ("Let’s Get to Scooping") and go watch How to Get Away with Murder online via TV Fanatic to relive Episode 3:

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