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Na na na na na, Fatman! Yes, we’ve all seen the first onset photos of Ben Affleck as Batman, and he certainly seems to be in pretty solid shape. But sources tell the National Enquirer that at one point, the Oscar winner was one bloated Bruce Wayne.

In fact, producers of Batman v Superman were reportedly forced to hire a body double to fill in as the Caped Crusader.

“The star showed up looking so flabby for a shirtless boxing scene that producers immediately hired a ripped body double,” one “insider” claims.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez in 2021
(Getty Images)

“They ended up using him so frequently as the Batman stand-in that snarky crew members sneakily started calling Ben ‘Fatman’ behind his back.”


Guess we weren’t the only ones to bust out the obvious “Fatman” joke. Anyway, sources say the problem began when Ben refused to take advantage of the personal trainer provided by the studio, opting instead to use a fitness guru suggested by Matt Damon.

“Turns out that was a truly bad decision for Ben,” the source says, adding that Ben’s inability to slim down resulted in “many delays” in filming.

We fully believe Batffleck may have shown up to the set a little overweight, but we’re not buying that it was all because he went with the wrong trainer.

Recently, Affleck admitted to drinking heavily while filming Gone Girl and anyone who’s ever been to an American sporting event can testify to the effects of excessive beer consumption on the human body.

Hey, Ben – the Sox didn’t make the playoffs, pahtner! Put down the Sam Adams til next season, or people will start calling your gut the Monster!