Awesome Puppy Tries to Take Off Owner's Bikini Top

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It's not always so easy to control one's dog.

A weatherman in Canada found this out a couple days ago when he tried to report on incoming temperatures while holding the leash of an excited canine.

In the following video, meanwhile, a pretty beach goer makes the same discovery, as her pet gets really excited by something other than wind speed and humidity:

Her breasts!

The human subject in the footage above is actually Kendra Moriah, singer in the band Dirty Little Blondes.

And, as you can see, she ran into a little problem while trying to enjoy a relaxing day out: her puppy REALLY wanted to get a look at her puppies... if you know what we mean!

We mean that the dog tried to take off Kendra's bikini top in order to see her boobs.

Check out the video above and then peruse the following gallery to see other canines who committed shameful acts in the eyes of their masters:

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