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Adrian Peterson’s attorney was in court today in an attempt to expedite his child abuse case, so that the suspended NFL star can get back on the field.

Peterson is not ducking the matter, that’s for sure, having already admitted using a switch to discipline his son and offered a long, public mea culpa.

Presumably he’ll receive a plea bargain and be reinstated by the Minnesota Vikings when the case make it to trial, but it looks like he’ll have to wait.

Adrian Peterson Hearing

On behalf of Peterson, who is busy denying nothing in particular on Twitter these days, was represented by Rusty Hardin, who pleaded for a quick trial.

Because Adrian Peterson suspended until this legal situation is resolved, every week this drags on costs him money and hurts the Vikings’ season.

More significantly, Hardin says his client is “getting killed” in the media routinely and wants his day in court, where he can actually make his case.


Peterson is “chomping at the bit” to defend himself publicly but can’t do so (vague Tweets aside) and he may not get a chance until December 1.

Hardin says if another case falls off the docket, he’ll push to move up the case to the vacant date, but if he doesn’t have success, that’s when it’ll be.

This wasn’t the most interesting part of the hearing, however.

The prosecutor actually asked the judge to recuse himself from the case because he recently referred to him, and Hardin, as “whores.” As in media worse.

The judge was taken aback, insisting he was kidding, but the prosecutor didn’t see the humor in this and demanded an apology, which he got in short order.

It’s unclear if the judge will step down from the case, but Hardin said that “For the record, I don’t take offense to it judge. I’ve been called much worse.”

The guy repped Roger Clemens, so that’s likely true.