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Will she or won’t she?

Run for State’s Attorney? That’s the question we figured we’d be contemplating heading into The Good Wife Season 6 last night, but this CBS drama went and asked a very different one not long into the premiere:

Will Alicia be able to spring Cary from jail or won’t she? 

Wait… WHAT?!?

Watch The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 Online
Watch The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 Online

Yes, The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 opened with Cary’s arrest and focused on this storyline for most of the hour.

Turns out, according to the law at least, Cary helped Lemond Bishop’s elude arrest a couple months earlier and is therefore responsible for the $1.3 million in heroin moved that day. His bail is actually set at that same amount, which is why he remained behind bars throughout the opener.


Matt Czuchry excelled in portraying Cary’s fear and confusion in prison, while Alicia worked tirelessly to get her partner out.

But she had no luck with his jerk of a father (he was only willing to shell out $8,000) nor did Kalinda have any luck trying to get to the truth. Bishop ordered her to stop talking to his men.

Later on, she confronted her law enforcement hook-up buddy Sophia, who claims there’s a tape out there of Cary telling Bishop’s crew how NOT to get arrested.

The entire arc seemingly came out of nowhere, but it ended with Cary still in prison, even after Bishop had a business associated drop off the bail money to Alicia. Opposing counsel (Finn!) insists that the court discovered where the bail cash came from and that will take a week at the least.

So the premiere definitely went in an unexpected direction, but it did feature Eli tossing out some polls about Alicia running for State’s attorney, while also working his magic to get Peter on board with the idea.

It also centered on Diane’s demands for joining Florrick/Agos (she wants to bring Kalinda with her and she wants an equal vote), along with Lee and Canning realizing that’s her plan.

An unexpected premiere, but still an intriguing premiere. What did everyone else thin? Go watch The Good Wife online and sound off now!