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As you may have heard, Prince Harry turns 30 today, and if we know anything about the Royal Ginger it’s that he likes to party…a lot.

So imagine our surprise to learn that Harry set aside his love of the nightlife out of concern for the health of his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Kate is pregnant with her second baby, and she’s suffering from extreme morning sickness, just like she did during her first pregnancy.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

Before finding out that she was expecting, Kate volunteered to host Harry’s b-day bash at her and William’s apartment at Kensington Palace.

When Harry caught wind of just how severe Kate’s morning sickness is, however, he not only relieved her of party planning duties, he also called off the shindig altogether:


“Harry was in no doubt that the party should be postponed, even though 30 is an important milestone,” said on royal insider.

Kate had been very involved in planning Harry’s party, and once she fell ill he felt it wrong to let the event go ahead.”

But don’t worry, Harry (who will reportedly receive his entire multimillion dollar inheritance today) is said to be preparing a royal rager for whenever Kate recovers. 

“He has promised his friends he will organize a post-30th birthday party when the time is right,” says the source.

Yes, the hardest-partying royal put off the party of a lifetime indefinitely. We guess even playboy princes have to grow up come time.