Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton Throwback Photo Goes Viral, Is Totally Awesome

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Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can't believe this incredible throwback photo!

In Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's new memoir, "Off the Sidelines," the politician talks about her life in and out of office, including her thoughts on the current system of government and many other personal tidbits.

But whatever. No one is talking about that stuff at the moment.

Instead, the Internet is focused on a picture Gillibrand includes in the book: It's of her and her roommate for a study abroad trip at Dartmouth: yup, that's actress Connie Britton!

Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand

"We were quite adventurous," Gillibrand told HuffPost Live of her time with Britton in China. "We'd spend every weekend going someplace new in China and seeing and experiencing different things."

Britton is best known for her beloved role in Friday Night Lights, but she also starred in American Horror Story Season 1 and you can watch Nashville online these days to enjoy her role on ABC as a country music singer.

"One weekend, we went to the beach, this place called Beihai, and we had crabs and all the great seafood," Gillibrand added as a fun story.

"We got home, we were so sick, we were all just throwing up non-stop ... and my most vibrant memory is being taken to the hospital on the back of a bike, as you're heaving - Connie was sick; I was sick - and they gave us this vial of black liquid and it was toad venom and they said drink this."

That's weird. But not as weird as seeing this image of the two together. We love it!!!

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