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Remember that time a young fan was surprised with Taylor Swift tickets?

Or a news anchor surprised his kids with a trip to Disneyworld?

This video may top those both.

It features a 12-year old who believes she’s riding with her parents to the water park (not a bad place to go, really), only to then be informed instead that she’s actually on the way to a Lorde concert. For real!

“I get to see Lorde!” the girl shrieksin disbelief. “No, I don’t! No, I don’t!”

No… you do! We said it was for real. Check out her precious reaction here:

Lorde Fan Surprised with Concert Tickets

And then, in an example of how social media can work in oh so very awesome ways, Lorde caught wind of the girl’s response to the shocker and and Tweeted the video to her 2 million followers, writing,

“just got sent this and i am teary– COOLEST GIRL EVER.”


We love it!

The best part? After it (sort of) settles in to the 12-year old that she’s attending a Lorde concert, she takes it a step further and asks if she’ll actually be able to meet the star.

HA! Nice try.