Toddler Has Band-Aid Taken Off, Tells Parents He "Can't Live Like This"

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Toddlers are always hyper-emotional creatures with little or no filter, but this little boy living in Alabama has a particularly strong flair for the dramatic.

In a way, we feel the little fella's pain. Sort of literally.

Ripping off a band-aid is not something anyone looks forward to, regardless of age, as it typically involves the tearing of many hairs. Possibly even skin.

This act even spawned its own expression - ripping off the band-aid - to describe painful situations that are best tackled quickly, not drawn out.

That's a little over the head of Matthew Reed, however, as the youngster couldn't grasp why his mom and dad would ever make him endure this.

"I can’t live like this," he tells him, most likely quoting Frozen and interjecting a hilariously disproportionate amount of drama into the situation.

Kids. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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