Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Debugging the Duck Blinds

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On A&E's Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 6, Jase and company "debugged" the family duck blinds, while CEO Willie tried to teach the kids about business.

Because it always beats working, Jase took some of the guys from Duck Commander on a search for crawfish ... inside the duck blinds on the family land.

Jase loves crawfish almost as much as he loves frogs, so he's willing to go to great lengths to acquire them, despite what you might call occupational hazards.

John Godwin went into a blind and encountered a gator - one that was "Godzilla big, like a bull,” he said - but which Willie removed with his bare hands.

Godwin exaggerations aside, it was thus time to debug the blinds, or in layman's terms, clean them the heck out so there are no critters living in there.

Being a duck hunter, Jase explains is not what the public makes it out to be or what you would simply assume if you watch Duck Dynasty online.

It's serious effort, with a lot of preparation, tedious tasks and Jase's equivalent of paperwork - cleaning out the blinds. Still beats actual paperwork, Jase.

While all this was going on, Korie Robertson and the kids held a car wash at the Robertson family church. Sadly for the kids, it was windy and chilly.

Willie thought this marked a great opportunity to tell them to roll with the punches, and he also offered input on their "$5 Car Wash For Charity" sign.

Korie told Willie to chill with the biz lessons because this is not real company, and not to take the “fun” out of the fundraiser. Will walked into that one.

Si also said that they should spin the sign on side of the road to attract more attention ... and it worked. Si, proven right? Never thought we'd see the day.

Follow the link to see Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 6 at TV Fanatic and scroll through the gallery below to see what the cast members look like sans beards ...

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