19 Pieces of Pizza Box Art: Drawing Inspiration From Your Order

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When you think of fine art, the pizza box is probably not the specific canvas you visualize for some of the great creative masterpieces of our time.

And rightfully so. These are not exactly timeless works.

Most of them probably didn't last more than an hour before being discarded into the trash (or recycling - reuse, people!) until the end of the night, but that's not the point here.

Some of these drawings were produced by request after the person ordering pizza decided, for whatever reason, that they wanted to add some flavor to the box.

Others were created by the delivery people themselves, making for a pleasant surprise to the person ordering dinner or a late night snack.

Either way, they're surprisingly creative and detailed, drawing inspiration from things like giraffes, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and a lot of dinosaurs.

Check out 19 fun pieces of pizza box art below ...

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