Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: What About the Children?

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Have no fear, Mrs. Lovejoy.

On Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 5, TLC did, indeed, think about the children.

Titled "Growing Up Polygamist," the installment mostly focused on the Brown teenagers and how they're adjusting the life in this sort of unusual family.

It’s a concern for Kody because he knows he can’t really control their lives. Would he want them to avoid premarital sex? Absolutely. But good luck making sure they listen once they’re out of the house!

Take Logan, for instance. This sophomore in college is living off campus with roommates and his parents know he’s dating someone. They don’t approve of him kissing her or even holding her hand prior to exchanging vows.

But Logan is open about questions concerning the polygamist lifestyle. So is Maddie. She’s dated around and she loves her family - but that doesn’t mean she wants to follow all their rules.

Logan also admits that he feels a lot of pressure from his friends. They judge polygamy and they look at him differently whenever the subject comes up. So, FOR NOW he emphasizes, Logan doesn’t see himself following in his dad’s marital footsteps.

Aspyn isn’t certain either.

She’s gone back and forth on polygamy since she was young and she does agree that she wants to save herself for the right man. If he lives a plural marriage life, she’ll consider entering into it. 

Mykelti, meanwhile, was considered the wild child of the group for a long time. Her parents were concerned about her sexuality.

But dreams of fashion have replaced dreams of getting it on often, as Mykelti has matured and her father can relax a bit about both her present and her future.

Meanwhile, the Browns are taking out their RVs and traveling all the way to Missouri to meet a new polygamous family. Much to the chagrin of the teenagers forced to go along, who complain the entire way.

Finally, Janelle is on a mission to lose a lot of weight. She realized how important this goal was after she kept getting nowhere by putting everyone else first.

So now it's time to put herself first, dag nammit!. Does she want to remain fat or does she want to be healthy?

Go watch Sister Wives online via TV Fanatic to see how she arrives at this important decision.

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