Prince William and Prince Harry: Twerking and Flying Coach in America!

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Prince William's third wedding anniversary was just last week and he's a doting father these days, but that doesn't mean Will and his royal brother can't still party when the time is right.

William and Harry were in the US over the weekend for the wedding of British entrepreneur Guy Pelly and according to reports the two acted just like a couple of lowly commoners while they were stateside. And it was awesome!

The princely pair won over passengers on an American Airlines flight by flying coach and behaving in a "humble" fashion while on board.

Better yet, while they were at the wedding, Harry was reportedly seen twerking. Twerking! 

Sounds like a stunt for I Wanna Marry Harry, but wedding guests in attendance swear it was the real prince. 

No word from Buckingham Palace on the royal rump-shaking, but we're guessing the Queen is less than pleased.

Maybe it was just Harry's way of celebrating Miley Cyrus' release from the hospital.

Either way, the down-to-earth behavior displayed by William and Harry seems to have won them some new American fans. 

If we'd known at some point there was gonna be royal twerking, maybe we wouldn't have gotten into that whole messy Revolutionary war business to begin with. 

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