The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Unsafe Travels

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 continued to tease the ongoing mystery of the past few weeks:

What do the Travelers want?

This villainous group has somehow imposed its will on our favorite Mystic Falls residents - taking Stefan hostage, forcing Caroline to maybe kill an innocent man in Atlanta - without anyone actually knowing their agenda.

Nathaniel Buzolic Almost Played a Salvatore

The latest installment of the floundering CW drama concluded with a creepily awesome scene, as numerous Travelers caught on fire... crossed over to The Other Side... and then Markos emerged out of Bonnie's fallen body.

It was very cool. But it didn't make up for the frustration of the previous 59 minutes.

Seriously... Liv rambled on to Jeremy about how the witches are trying to protect Elena and the Travelers want her for some reason. But he never asked the reason?

He just agreed to help them protect his sister and the town, yet didn't bother finding out why? It's difficult to be invested in a storyline when YOU DON'T KNOW THE STORYLINE.

Literally, all we know about the Travelers is they're evil - and that's only because the show has told us they're evil. Pretty shoddy writing.

So now Markos is here and Elena appears to once again be in danger. And fans need to wait until April 17 for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 to maybe, at long last, find out why.


  • Elena ended things with Damon for good and headed back to college.
  • Enzo killed Stefan's nice Doppleganger, Tom, because sweet Caroline could not do so.
  • But she could bond even more with Steven, even falling asleep beside him until the pair was awoken by the Markos-based ceremony.

And... that's about it. Not much happens on this show anymore, and what does happen isn't explained very clearly.

Will you even make it to the end? Watch The Vampire Diaries online via TV Fanatic and sound off: Can you believe how far this series has fallen?!?

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