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Following Kendall Jenner exposing her boobs on the New York Fashion Week runway last Thursday, Kim Kardashian Tweeted that she was the “proudest sister ever.”

But we wonder what kind of reaction Kim will have if Kendall’s modeling career continues to ascend in a certain direction.

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Jenner’s selfies appeared on the Vogue website the day after her runway debut, as she modeled just-off-the-rack designs.

Kendall was then spotted in the front row of London Fashion Week Saturday, seated alongside none other than Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue and arguably the most respected person in the industry.


“Anna is very savvy about upcoming ‘It girls,’ and very much has her finger on the pulse,” Laurel Pinson, editor-in-chief of StyleCaste, tells People.

“When she takes a girl under her wing, a Vogue cover or high fashion campaign is usually on the way.”

Might this mean Kendall Jenner will soon appear in Vogue?!?

It will give Kanye West something to rant about for sure, considering how badly Kanye wanted his baby’s photos to be featured in that iconic magazine.

It’s not hard to see a riff between family members developing if Jenner accomplishes Kanye and Kim’s dream at the young age of 18.

“Anna is interested in charismatic people, and has respect for talent. Kim has no talent,” another fashion industry insider reveals, adding of Kendall Jenner:

“She’s tall, she’s skinny, and she’s wholesome and pretty.”

“She’s also already been modeling, and creating a name for herself. The fashion world can be fickle, but I can definitely see her having a moment.”

Let’s just hope her clothes remain mostly on for it.