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Plus-size model Elly Mayday is baring her body in the name of helping other women embrace theirs. 

After enduring chemotherapy for a rare type of ovarian cancer, the Canadian pin-up is showing off her scars, bald head, and non-airbrushed figure for a Forever Yours lingerie campaign. 

The beautiful 25-year-old is sure to be an inspiration for women everywhere, especially those battling cancer. 

Jennifer Lopez in Bandage Dress
Photo via Michael Wright/

Elly was diagnosed with serous carcinoma in 2013 and is planning for the removal of one of her last tumors this week. 

Despite her battle with cancer, the self-dubbed “curvy Canadian” is continuing to model as she undergoes treatment. 

And it when comes to her lingerie campaign, she’s keeping it real for a good cause. 


“In the lingerie industry, it’s not something you do. It’s all about long hair and big breasts and arched backs. But it’s important to show what real women look like underneath their clothes. Most people have some issue they are dealing with,” she explained to ABC News

Sonya Jenkins, co-founder of Forever Yours Lingerie remarked of Elly, “Elly is awesome and fun and bubbly and light-hearted and doesn’t take anything super seriously.” 

We wish Elly the best of luck in her treatment and hope to see more of her soon.