American Idol Recap: WGWG Warning!

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It's early, but American Idol Season 13 already has a big problem:

These judges are way too likable. They're funny, they're relaxed, they share great chemistry, they can be honest when need be.

Where the Nicki and Mariah-like feuding? The Randy-ish repetitiveness? How are we able to be snark when the show has actually been pretty entertaining throughout two audition episodes?

American Idol in San Francisco

This week, Idol finished off its Austin showcase and then took off for San Francisco, where the panelists listened to A LOT of White Guys With Guitars.

And where Harry Connick Jr. continued to be awesome.

“Enough with the practical jokes," he told a very impressive 15-year old. "You’re 32 years old, you’re from New York City, and your name is Beth Goodwin."

But enough praise for the judges, right? Here's a look at our top five acts from Night Two:

  • Megan Miller - She auditioned on crutches last night and belted out "Lsat Name" this yar. What an improvement! And what confidence to go after Carrie Underwood.
  • Spencer Lloyd - He covered another alum with "Never Gone" and looked good while doing so. Like, very, very, very good.

  • Tristen Langley - The son of Season 1's Nikki McKibbin, Tristen made us feel old. But his voice made us feel excited. It has a soul quality.
  • David Luning - We're suckers for originals songs, and this one was especially dark. But you can't argue that it stood out.
  • Jesse Roach - What a terrific rasp and what a unique look/sound. She could go far.

So... who was your favorite act? Are you on board with Season 13 so far? Let's grade the judges one more time:

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American Idol Quotes

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors — they’re not true. She’s part of our family and we love her.

Ryan Seacrest [on rumor of Paula Abdul being drunk on the show]