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Paul Walker died in a car crash last Saturday at the age of 40, but according to new reports, the impact from the collision alone did not take his life.

Instead the cause of death was traumatic and thermal injuries sustained when the Porsche GT crashed into a tree and a pole and burst into flames.

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Paul’s friend who was driving, Roger Rodas, 38, died from multiple traumatic injuries suffered upon impact. Burning was not a factor in his death.

Both men were positively ID’d by using dental records.

The Coroner says toxicology results for both will be available in 6-8 weeks, while the Medical Examiner says both deaths have been ruled an accident.


Paul Walker died in Santa Clarita, Calif., when the sports car he was riding in with Rodas veered off the road, slammed into a pole and exploded. 

Reports of his cause of death come on the heels of previous reports that the Walker case has "been placed on security hold" by police officials.

The cause of the accident itself is still under investigation.

Investigators "have received statements that the car involved was traveling alone at a high rate of speed," the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Despite rumors that a high-speed street race may have been involved, "no eyewitness has contacted [the department] to say there was a second vehicle."

Here’s the crash from three different vantage points …

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