Groom Killed After Stopping to Help Stranded Motorist

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This story is totally heartbreaking. Just 7 hours after his wedding, William Riley Knight was killed by a passing motorist when he stopped to help Linda Darlington, a motorist whose car had slid off the road and into a ditch. Darlington was also killed.

Knight was a 12-year veteran of the United States Army and friends describe him as a man who lived for helping others.

He and his bride, Nikki Knight, were on their way to their hotel immediately after their wedding reception when they saw Darlington on the side of the road. After parking his car safely in a nearby lot, he went to help the stranded woman.

Nikki Knight said she heard a "thud" and went to see what had happened. That's when she saw that her husband and Darlington had been struck by other vehicles which had crashed in a similar manner.

"I went from being a newlywed to a widow in less than 48 hours," Nikki said. "The highest high to the lowest low. It's a blur."