Demi Lovato on Life: Not All About Molly and Partying!

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Demi Lovato was a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

And she appeared to throw some shade at Miley Cyrus during her interview with the host.

The X Factor judge first talked about how she's done the "whole partying and whole rehab thing" and that she's stuck to remaining sober because it's made her life "so much better."

She then added:

"There's a lot of young people that look up to me and there needs to be someone that stands up and says it's not about molly and partying and all that stuff."

Shade totally thrown, right? Considering Cyrus has spent the last year singing solely about molly and partying.

In an interview with Katie Couric last month, Lovato defended Miley as someone who is just having fun, but did say that her antics overshadow her actual talent.

Other topics addressed in Demi's chat with Ferguson included:

Her blue hair: "I change my hair color all the time, but with the blue, I actually have to touch it up every time I wash my hair. I actually do it myself."

Winning a Grammy: "You actually have more Grammy nominations than I do. [laughs] I always look at my work and I'm like, 'OK, I can always do better. Maybe next album.' Just before I die, sometime."

On problems when interacting with fans: "I don't think I've lost my temper. I think what happens is I actually get anxiety attacks. If people run up to hug me, I shut down."


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