Ghost Caught on Camera at Hotel: Real or Fake?!

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Halloween may have been yesterday, but that won't stop us from sharing a good ghost story today. 

Security cameras at the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach caught a mysterious apparition behind the bar. Do ghosts take their martinis shaken or stirred?

This historic hotel along Florida's A1A is over 100 years old, and some employees believe that it's possible that some guests checked in and their spirits never checked out.

Employees like security officer Chris Lenkiewicz have reported strange goings-on in throughout the hotel. Phenonmena like doors that hold themselves closed despite being unlocked, cold zones commonly associated with the presence of the paranormal, or the fog-like figure seen moving through the bar on their security footage. 

"It wasn't dust. It wasn't a flashlight. There was nobody on property causing stuff to happen to mess with other employees," Lenkiewicz said. 

Was it the ghost from room 1111, where a man fell from the balcony to his death? Maybe it was.

A paranormal investigator will be staying at the hotel later this month to find out.

What do you say, readers? Is this a ghost, or is someone playing tricks on the employees at the Plaza Resort and Spa?