20-Pound Carp Loses Bid For Ann Arbor City Council

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A 20-pound carp lost his bid for a seat on the Ann Arbor, Mich., city council, according to a report. He had been campaigning in the city, home to the University of Michigan.

Despite some quality signage and news coverage, it was not to be.

MLive reports that the carp was focusing the bulk of his campaign efforts on the 4th Ward, where Democrat Jack Eaton was the only candidate on the ballot.

Eaton, for his part, said that something smelled fishy here.

His residency status was an issue, as was his character, as the carp was relocated from a city park pond to a nearby river for being destructive to vegetation.

The carp also hadn’t filled in any paperwork, according to his challenger. In any case, the undeterred carp's supporters set up campaign signs around town.

To no avail, it turned out on this pivotal Election Day 2013.

Eaton prevailed with 88 percent of the vote to win a seat on the city council, although 191 write-in ballots were cast, good for 11 percent of the turnout.

Maybe the carp enjoyed good grass/algae-roots support?

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