Ted Nugent Lauds Government Shutdown, Decries "Monster" in the White House

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To the surprise of no one, Ted Nugent railed against the government and applauded its recent shutdown while making the rounds to promote his new album.

Ted Nugent Rocks
El Presidente

The 65-year-old Michigan rock great and staunch firearms advocate cited a recent piece he wrote for a conservative website entitled “Make My Day, Shut it Down.”

“The government is so out of control. It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power,” Nugent said Monday.

The American government and people, "it breaks my heart to say … will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind.”

Nugent said government overreach and incompetence goes back decades, but it’s at its worst under President Barack Obama, the “monster in the White House."

Obama, he notes, “wouldn’t qualify to drive my tour bus.”

Nugent drew the attention of the Secret Service last year when he told his fans to "chop heads off" and said he would be “dead or in jail” if Obama was re-elected.

Fortunately for all involved, he is neither.

He said this week that he wasn’t making threats, but is merely afraid for his life and those of law-abiding farmers, ranchers and small business owners.

Nugent said his passionate diatribes can be attributed to being “blessed with just unbelievable energy” and he will continue living life at an "extreme velocity."

Thank goodness.

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